The Friends of the William Lamb Studio (commonly known as the Friends of William Lamb) is a community group established in Montrose, Scotland in 1977. In 1978 the William Lamb Memorial Studio - William Lamb’s own working studio from 1935 until his death in 1951 - was to be re-opened and developed as a small gallery and museum to the memory of William Lamb – one of Scotland’s finest sculptor and artist - under the management of the Museum Service of Angus Council.

The Friends was established to support the Council in arrange regular openings and guided tours of the Studio, promoting both the Studio and Lamb himself; as well as researching Lamb and all aspects of his working life - his art pieces and models and the context in which they were created. In addition we disseminate that information through the sponsorship and publication of books, articles, leaflets and guides. They have helped with funding and developing the Studio and its collections, thereby creating an outstanding exhibition that draws visitors from all over the world.

The William Lamb Memorial Studio is located at the east end of Trades Close a small pedestrian row that leads from the High Street, Montrose to Market Street.

Since 2019 the Lamb Studio (owned by Angus Council) is subject to new arrangements. The Friends of William Lamb will arrange and run all public Studio openings. The Studio “collections” will be managed by ANGUSalive on behalf of Angus Council – all collections queries should be addressed to

In addition the Friends share “Lamb” information through the sponsorship or publication of books, articles, leaflets and guides and through a series of non-Studio events – walks, talks and displays and exhibitions.

The Friends is a community group that runs under a constitution. Membership is open to all on the payment of a small annual fee. Throughout the year Officers and Committee will arrange Studio openings, activities and special events related to the aims of the group, usually around Angus or in the Studio. These events are supported by Friends volunteers.

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Latest News


We have to report the death earlier this week of Friend Peter Stevens. We would like to send condolences to his wife, Ruth, and all the rest of the family.

Peter and Ruth joined the Friends as early as 1977 – the year of our foundation – and have been members, stalwart supporters, and generous donors ever since. But many of us remember Peter for his real interest in Lamb’s artworks and regular attendance at Friends’ events and his willingness to talk about Friends’ times beyond our ken.

1977 – Yes, 45 years ago – was the foundation year for the Friends of course. But this was just one action in the longer campaign to open the Studio and promote William Lamb and his artworks. Lamb had first bequeathed his Studio and artworks to the town in a will of 1935, shortly after building it was completed. But with conditions that the Studio was maintained as a Studio. Lamb’s death in January 1951 started the long campaign to keep the Studio for the town and moreover to present it as the “home” of William Lamb’s internationally important artworks to visitors from across the world. It took over 4 years of campaigning until the Studio was first opened to the public in 1955.

By 1972 there was another campaign to try and ensure that part of the Balfour Bequest could be used to reverse the Studio’s deteriorating state. But by the latter 1970s there was an alternative option to promote Lamb in a special gallery at Montrose Museum instead.

Nevertheless a robust group of Montrosians, including Peter, fought for the upgrade of the Studio as a specialist gallery. But this required the setting up of the “Friends of the William Lamb Studio”, to support the Council in the running, opening and promotion of the Studio and Lamb and his art. As the years passed the Friends were required to carry more of the “chores” of this arrangement, until there were proposals in 2018 to close the Studio and disperse the collections. This was something that the community - and Peter - then came forward to prevent.

Peter and Ruth were our last founder members – our appreciation is reflected in their being given Honorary Memberships in 2018. But our thanks to them for their enthusiasm, and practical support, will last.