The Friends of the William Lamb Studio (commonly known as the Friends of William Lamb) is a community group established in Montrose, Scotland in 1977. In 1978 the William Lamb Memorial Studio - William Lamb’s own working studio from 1935 until his death in 1951 - was to be re-opened and developed as a small gallery and museum to the memory of William Lamb – one of Scotland’s finest sculptor and artist - under the management of the Museum Service of Angus Council.

The Friends was established to support the Council in arrange regular openings and guided tours of the Studio, promoting both the Studio and Lamb himself; as well as researching Lamb and all aspects of his working life - his art pieces and models and the context in which they were created. In addition we disseminate that information through the sponsorship and publication of books, articles, leaflets and guides. They have helped with funding and developing the Studio and its collections, thereby creating an outstanding exhibition that draws visitors from all over the world.

The Friends is a community group that runs under a constitution. Membership is open to all on the payment of a small annual fee. Throughout the year Officers and Committee will arrange Studio openings, activities and special events related to the aims of the group, usually around Angus or in the Studio. These events are supported by Friends volunteers.

Latest News
1. Although access to the Lamb Studio is still restricted the Friends are continuing with their other Lamb activities which include research about his art works. Some of this is exploring Lamb’s work on war memorials of both the  First and Second World Wars, particularly as we approach the hundred year anniversary of the Armistice of the First World War. Lamb, as a veteran of the First, had very distinct ideas of what is appropriate in a war memorial and our awareness of the number and range he produced is still growing.
Our latest “discovery” relates however to a memorial of the Second war. This is the memorial at Ferryden to the fallen of Craig parish. We are still uncertain of who designed the earlier memorial (please let us know if you do), but plans were made to move this in 1946-7 on grounds of road safety. Its new location was to be the George V Memorial Park. The new “gates” – more specifically the entrance gates, posts etc were designed by William Lamb. (See photos).
2. Although the Lamb Studio is still closed to members of the public, it appears that the “magic elves” have been in, in the meantime. (Joke over)
Actually, contractors have replaced the roof to the outside store area – so things progress by small steps.
3. Christopher Grieve/HughMcDiarmid: As some of you undoubtedly noted, this nationally important Lamb portrait was moved from the Studio earlier this year for display in the “Landmarks” exhibition at Montrose Museum. The Friends are regularly contacted about this
one and also asked if we could provide “copies” for wider sale or distribution. A number of people have approached the Friends Committee and asked if it has been returned to the Studio yet. Sorry, we cannot contact you all individually to reply, but as of last week the pieces is still not back in the Lamb Studio.

Update on Studio Opening
"On the 29th of March the Friends of the William Lamb Studio were informed that Montrose Common Good funding was to be withdrawn after the 31st of March, and that ANGUSalive would cease to operate the Studio, effectively closing the Studio to the public from 1st April. The Studio being funded in this way was part of the  scheme of administration agreed by Montrose Town Council when it accepted the gift of the Studio and its contents in 1952 from the Lamb family. It has been
open continuously since 1955, except for 1977 when it was extensively renovated.
The Friends held a well-attended public meeting to debate the future of the Studio on the 10th of May, and since then we have been in discussion with Angus Council over the future of the Studio.
At the first meeting with them we offered to staff the Studio in order to open it to the public, but we do not wish to be responsible for the Studio, as we consider that as Angus Council owns the building and its contents that it is their responsibility. Details of such a partnership are being worked out, and ANGUSalive has offered the Friends training which we will take up next month.
We can assure members of the Friends, of whom we now have 140, and the people of Montrose that we are committed to getting the Studio open to the public and doing everything we can to safeguard this internationally important part of Montrose's heritage. As soon as Angus Council accepts our offer we intend to open the Studio as soon as possible, although on a limited basis to begin with.
Norman Atkinson,
Chair Friends of the William Lamb Studio."
27th August 2018