The Friends of the William Lamb Studio (commonly known as the Friends of William Lamb) is a community group established in Montrose, Scotland in 1977. In 1978 the William Lamb Memorial Studio - William Lamb’s own working studio from 1935 until his death in 1951 - was to be re-opened and developed as a small gallery and museum to the memory of William Lamb – one of Scotland’s finest sculptor and artist - under the management of the Museum Service of Angus Council.

The Friends was established to support the Council in arrange regular openings and guided tours of the Studio, promoting both the Studio and Lamb himself; as well as researching Lamb and all aspects of his working life - his art pieces and models and the context in which they were created. In addition we disseminate that information through the sponsorship and publication of books, articles, leaflets and guides. They have helped with funding and developing the Studio and its collections, thereby creating an outstanding exhibition that draws visitors from all over the world.

The William Lamb Memorial Studio is located at the east end of Trades Close a small pedestrian row that leads from the High Street, Montrose to Market Street.

Since 2019 the Lamb Studio (owned by Angus Council) is subject to new arrangements. The Friends of William Lamb will arrange and run all public Studio openings. The Studio “collections” will be managed by ANGUSalive on behalf of Angus Council – all collections queries should be addressed to

In addition the Friends share “Lamb” information through the sponsorship or publication of books, articles, leaflets and guides and through a series of non-Studio events – walks, talks and displays and exhibitions.

The Friends is a community group that runs under a constitution. Membership is open to all on the payment of a small annual fee. Throughout the year Officers and Committee will arrange Studio openings, activities and special events related to the aims of the group, usually around Angus or in the Studio. These events are supported by Friends volunteers.

For further information see the relevant pages on this website, or contact us at

Please note: By contacting us digitally and thereby providing us with personal details you are agreeing to our organisation holding those details in a safe and appropriate manner. Personal information will not be passed to other organisations or individuals. It will only be used for The Friends of William Lamb to contact you directly with relevant information.

Latest News
  • The Friends are pleased to announce that the 38th annual Lamb Children’s Sculpture Competition went ahead as planned last week. This year for the first time, to allow more entrants, the competition was split into two. On Thursday, with the help of Montrose Academy pupils there competed for the “Senior Lamb Medal”. On Saturday children from the 6 Montrose primaries competed for the “Junior Lamb Medal”.

    As always the standard was very high and the judges had a difficult decision to make, but their final choices are listed below. Congratulations to all – and we hope to see some of you back in the years to come.

    But one extraordinary entrant needs to be mentioned – Zoe Graham – winner of this year’s “Senior Lamb Medal” – this is the third Lamb medal that she has won, a unique achievement. Are we looking at a budding professional to follow in Lamb’s footsteps?

    Montrose Academy
    First Prize.            Mackenzie Lewis
    Second Prize.       Farrah Dalen
    Third Prize.           Murray Ruickbie
    Winner of the Senior Lamb Medal.        Zoe Graham

    Primary Schools
    Group 1
    First Prize.             Tabitha Stott               St Margaret’s
    Second Prize.        Ross Philip                 Borrowfield
    Third Prize.           Evelina Victorova       St Margaret’s

    Group 2
    First Prize.               Ruby Anderson         Southesk
    Second Prize.          Daisy Brennan           Southesk
    Third Prize.             Caitlin Robertson  Borrowfield
    Winner of the Junior Lamb Medal             Tabitha Stott

  • The Friends elected and will be welcoming a new Committee Member after the recent AGM. Wendy Turnbull has agreed to join the Committee. Some of you will have met her already as she has joined the “Studio volunteers” and is coming to the familiarisation sessions – we hope she will have a long – and happy – membership.

  • At the AGM too, we can announce that a number of our older Friends were – finally – elected to honorary membership of the Friends. First Olive Brodie: Olive was one of the founding members of the Friends back in the 1970s. Few will recognise a key facet of her work at the time, but she led the timely “recording memories of Lamb” project. 40 years ago there were still townspeople (and others) who had memories of Lamb and were prepared to “tell”. Her information has formed the basis of a lot of subsequent understanding of Lamb, his works and his models. Olive recently re-joined the Friends and visits the Studio again and recounts her memories of the Studio and Friends at that time. Second Peter & Ruth Stevens: Peter and Ruth were original Friends too and I suspect have maintained their membership over the full 42 years since. Peter served on earlier Friends Committees and both were volunteer guides to the Studio in the “early” days. Last, but not least: we welcome Ros Stansfeld: I probably do not need to mention the importance of the Stansfeld family support for the Lamb Studio and the preservation and research on Lamb pieces. Jonathan’s book on Lamb has become the backbone of all important research on Lamb and that reflects that there is an important Lamb archive safely held at Dunninald. But as we always say, behind every great man there is a woman quietly supporting – thanks Ros!

  • Volunteers: Our small group of volunteer Studio guides is quietly growing and training - or familiarisation sessions to the collections - is being put in place. BUT we are always looking out for more help – if you are interested? Please contact us at Passing visitors may have noticed that the Studio is being opened more regularly for these. We are breaking our volunteers in gently as they “practice”, so these sessions are not widely advertised. But at the moment, if you see the moveable boards outside the gates you are more than welcome to come in, visit and hear the background to Lamb and his artworks.

  • The disappearing Lamb Studio sign mystery is now partly solved. Those with eagle eyes will have noticed that an immaculate new “William Lamb Memorial Studio” sign has re-appeared above the Market Street frontage. It will welcome our new visitors this season and those to come, thanks to all who arranged it.

  • And now an early “date for your diaries” – on Saturday 7th September Mark Spalding will be hosting a “Lamb” concert of organ music at St Mary’s Church, Newport Fife. Why Fife you might ask? The Friends have recently been in contact with the church as they hold a very significant Lamb commission. In 1939 Lamb was commissioned to carve a wooden crucifixion panorama of the “beardless” Christ to be mounted across the new rood screen dividing the nave from the chancel. Christ is flanked by the 2 Mary’s and 2 angels. Needless to say it was a unique piece. It was unveiled in December 1939 – so this concert is to reflect its 80th anniversary. Further details of the concert will be added closer to the time – and we hope more details of the piece added to the website. If you have good photos you will share, or know about the commission – please get in touch.

  • We are already being asked about access to the Studio for more school and college visits and a few are already being scheduled. We are trying to get wider arrangements in place for the next Academic year (not very far away). To that end we will be meeting up with education organisers, but if you are a teacher and would like to advise us from the “front line” perspective of exactly what would be helpful from a Studio visit we would be very pleased to hear from you. If you could guide us to the curriculum topics that you might like to see covered by a Studio visit over the next few years too – that would be really helpful.