The Friends was set up as a group to provide certain Lamb related activities through volunteers. Our broad range of activities would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers and we encourage you to get involved if possible. But if you cannot we understand – but encourage you to support us through your membership, donations and attending our events.

A small group of our Friends volunteer to support activities either for the odd occasion or event, or more regularly throughout the year. The majority of our volunteer work – setting aside Officer or Committee duties - usually relates to Studio openings and Friends special events. But publication, promotion, fundraising and research are increasingly important activities.

We are happy to welcome volunteers, who can involve themselves in activities of their choice. “specialists” in any field are useful, but the necessary support, induction and training will be offered.

Please be aware that the Friends are not in a position to offer formal “volunteer placements” or “work experience” to meet educational or other requirements. Younger volunteers might be required to be supported by a responsible adult.

We ask all our volunteers to join our “volunteer register” and give us permission to get in contact with them about specific volunteer training.

In 2019 we are trying hard to identify and train new volunteer guides to come into the Studio to support our “key hosts” for opening sessions. Volunteering at the Studio gives you a chance to visit when the Studio is quiet and get access on a lot more occasions than the average visitor. Volunteer sessions that are not directly related to “openings” are increasingly being located at the Studio too.

If you would like to discuss volunteering further, please contact us at: volunteers@friendswilliamlambstudio.uk