Friends’ Studio openings and other activities are normally open to all and free at point of entry.  A Friends membership is not required. Our activities would not be possible without volunteers and we encourage you to get involved.

A number of our Friends are more active and volunteer to support our core activities either on the occasion or regularly throughout the year. Volunteer work – in addition to Officer or Committee duties - usually relates to Studio openings, Friends special events, publication and promotion, fundraising and research.

We are happy to welcome volunteers, who can involve themselves in activities of their choice. The necessary support, induction and training will be offered.

Please be aware that the Friends are not in a position to offer formal “volunteer placements” or “work experience” to meet educational or other requirements. Younger volunteers might be required to be supported by a responsible adult.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us at: info@friendswilliamlambstudio.uk