Promotion: One of the key aims of the Friends from establishment has been the promotion of the Lamb Studio and its collections, William Lamb and all his artworks. We do this through Studio openings, talks, displays and exhibitions, publications and through a large amount of underlying research that is widely dispersed. Oh – and yes – we now have a website that we hope can be developed to become the most comprehensive database on Lamb and his art – and the first port of call when you want to know more about this extraordinary man and his stunning artworks.

Studio openings: Although the Lamb Studio is owned by Angus Council, one of the main Friends activities is the opening of the Lamb Studio to visitors throughout the year.

There will be advertised “drop-in” days where visitors can just turn up without pre-booking. Friends can give special guided tours and discuss William Lamb, the collections, or the models he has used. See “diary dates” for advance notification of these. But if you see the “welcome” boards outside the gate feel free to drop in.

Group visits for larger numbers and those with a “special interest” can also be arranged if volunteers are available and sufficient notice given. The Studio is limited in size so if you are planning a visit you are advised to let us know in advance. If you have special needs - visually sighted, wheelchair access etc - if you let us know we will try and arrange extra volunteers to support your visit. To make arrangements contact us at

The Friends regularly open the Studio for “special events”. These might be talks on the collections, or other cross cultural activities such as live music or poetry readings to inspire creative response. New volunteers or performers to offer help with these are welcome.

The annual “Lamb Lecture” is hosted by the Friends in May to support the AGM evening. Artists or others with a special interest in Lamb or his work will talk – these events are open to all and free of charge.

Education and children’s events: Our main event is the annual Lamb Children’s Sculpture Competition which the Friends have been hosting for over 30 years. With the support of the local schools children are invited to enter, attend and model a clay piece. Since 2019 this is now run as two separate competitions. As well as individual prizes children from the 6 primary schools compete for the “Junior” Lamb Medal and pupils from Montrose Academy for the “Senior” Lamb Medal.

The Lamb Art Prize: since 2017 the Friends have sponsored this annual prize for art open to Montrose Academy pupils.

Publications: the Friends, either individually or as part of the group, produce articles on William Lamb and his art. We may also sponsor publications on the same themes.

Research: The Friends are constantly researching Lamb, his family, his models, and other contacts, and his art pieces of all types, thereby building a broader understanding of the man and his artistic genius. The Friends are trying to build a comprehensive catalogue and knowledge of all Lamb’s pieces. We welcome contacts from owners (private and institutional) and other researchers.

Recollections: From 1977 the Friends has been encouraging the recording of people’s memories of Lamb and his art. In 2017 The Friends set up a new initiative to carry that forward by recording memories of his models and other art pieces.

Acquisitions: The Friends have since their inception encouraged the development of the Studio collections either by direct donation, funding new castings, or by encouraging people to offer their pieces for copying. These donations include Lamb artworks, but also ephemera relating to Lamb’s life and work.

Fundraising: We live in the real world, so all the above activities - and others on our wish list - cost money. Fund raising is necessary as a result. Any volunteers with these skills are especially welcome.