Research Sources

Angus Council

Angus Council owns the most significant documentation on William Lamb and his artworks. This falls into 3 categories: “Core” records of the individual pieces, management information on the collections and general research notes, display material or photographs. Information collections are dispersed across the Museum Service and the County Archives.

Both are managed by ANGUSalive - who can be contacted through the usual routes.

The Friends of William Lamb

The Friends hold a small library and archive that contains a certain amount of information on Lamb artworks – through their own research and through requests for information. Direct access to this information may not always be available, but requests regarding the information held can often be supplied.

The Simm Archive

The archive of Rene Simm - which contains Lamb’s private index cards of sculpture and some of his letters, diaries and artworks have been passed to a private collection. (More details to follow)