The William Lamb Studio and its art collections are owned by Angus Council as the successor local authority to Montrose Town Council that received the bequest by William Lamb after his death in January 1951. Traditionally artworks have been accessioned as part of the larger “Montrose” collections. These collections include pieces that formed part of the original bequest, those purchased to support the wider collections, bronze pieces that have been subsequently cast from the Lamb Studio plaster originals, pieces that have been re-cast from originals in private collections and offered to the Studio and pieces that have been donated by individuals or others.

Many of the Lamb pieces in the ownership of the Council are not held in the Lamb Studio. Some might be elsewhere in Council buildings, but many others will be held in the Council Stores for safety or conservation reasons. This is generally true of many of Lamb’s plaster originals that have been cast in bronze since the early 1980s, due to a policy of trying to cast as many Studio pieces in bronze as possible. When the smaller plaster statuettes were chosen for casting under this policy, the better surviving pieces were the ones selected as part of this programme.

PLEASE NOTE: that the Angus Council Museum collections are currently managed by the Trust ANGUSalive under their Council contract.

FURTHER: The Friends of William Lamb have been requested by ANGUSalive that all enquiries to them about Lamb artworks in the Council collections should be passed to ANGUSalive in the first instance. Their identified contact point is

Artworks (Studio)
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Artworks (Out)
These are works by William Lamb that are not in the Studio and may be in private hands.

Artworks (More Pieces)

  • Private Collections
    The Friends have been notified of these pieces and hold the information for research purposes - photographs etc are provided by permission of the owners. The Friends would be pleased to be provided with further details for our research programmes on William Lamb and his artworks.
  • Unknown
    The Friends are aware that these pieces were once in private collections, but locations and further details are no longer known We welcome the submission of further information, photographs etc.
  • Missing?
    In 2010 a provisional catalogue of Lamb artworks was drawn up by Mr J Stansfeld. At that stage he identified a large number of Lamb pieces as “missing”. This is a category that is maintained in our records, but the Friends welcome further any information on these pieces as to whether they still survive and where they are located.
  • Not undertaken

    The Friends are aware that a number of commissions were proposed to or by William Lamb that were almost certainly not undertaken. We welcome further information on any of the projects listed below.

    • Montrose War Memorial for WW1 – designs exhibited 1919/20.

    • Scott Memorial, Mid Links: Lamb was asked to consider a redesign, with re-carving, of this piece. 1941.

    • Spean Bridge War Memorial WW2.