The Friends run the annual “Lamb Children’s Sculpture Competition” which is usually held in early June. Entry is for local primary school pupils and for lower age groups at Montrose Academy. Application forms are allocated through the schools.

Since 2017 the Friends have established the new “Lamb Art Prize” for drawing in conjunction with Montrose Academy, which selects the winner. A copy of Lamb’s sculpture “Aberdeenshire Carrier”, cast for the Friends in 2016, is presented together with a small financial award.

The Friends are usually happy to host educational visits when Friends volunteers are available. Primary and secondary schools, art school and college/university levels visit the Lamb Studio. It is useful to us if you let us know in advance the purpose of the visit and where it sits in the educational curriculum.

The Friends are currently developing children’s activity and education boxes for use in the Lamb Studio.

When we have volunteers available we can also open the Studio for special “working sessions” for both art students and other creative groups.

All contacts regarding Studio access must be made through Montrose Museum in the first instance.

The Friends are keen to encourage deeper research into all aspects of Lamb’s life and work. We are not in a position to sponsor academic studies, but we are prepared to make our information and knowledge available to researchers who contact us.