It has been suggested by J Stansfeld who produced an interim catalogue of designs (c2009) that Lamb may have produced over 200 etching designs, together with re-cuts. Many examples are held in the Council collections and others in private collections all around the world.

A small collection of framed Lamb etchings are on display in the Lamb Studio. This display collection can be altered at various times. But at the current moment the ones listed below can be seen there. Please note that Lamb did not always name his etchings, so where an original title is not available a descriptive one has been given. These are all of French scenes and reflect Lamb’s visit there in 1922-3. Initial designs would have been prepared as etchings after Lamb set up his Bridge Street Studio in Montrose in 1924 and acquired a printing press. He would continue to produce etchings until the 1930s when they largely went out of fashion. Lamb’s etchings were regarded as extremely fine artworks and selected for major exhibitions. Individual prints could be sold for substantial sums of money. Lamb would sell these works locally directly or through Montrose or Brechin shops, otherwise through agents in Glasgow and Dundee and through Greyfriars Art Shop in Edinburgh. The latter was run by the Simm family, friends of Lamb for many years. It is through the late Renee Simm that a large proportion of Lamb’s etchings and watercolours were acquired for the Council’s collections.

  • M1988.933: Les Pecheurs
  • M1988.898: A French Village
  • M1988.941: Les Sables D’Olonne (1925)
  • M1988.938: Gometz le Cantel
  • M1988.974: Pont Neuf, Paris II
  • M1988.924: Rodez
  • M1988.891: Marveljol I (1926)
  • M1988.895: Les Peupliers
  • M1988.950: Ploussin: Village on A Hill
  • M1988.884: Le Bueil near Mendes II (1924)
  • M1988.882: The Long Boat Lorient (1924)
  • M1988.951: On the Loire
  • M1988.953: Lorient III