In 1988 a decision was made to laminate many of Lamb’s drawings of various types for conservation purposes and place them in folders to allow them all to be on constant display in the Lamb Studio. These collections include studies and sketches in both pencil and ink. Some of these will be early pieces undertaken as part of Lamb’s art classes, others are field sketches. The finest of the latter have subsequently been developed as etchings, so these portfolios contain a number of pieces that are obviously working drawings for such a planned process. From Lamb’s diaries of 1922-3 (transcribed by the Friends) it is clear that many of the images can be clearly recognised as studies that Lamb made in both France and Italy in 1922-23 when he travelled abroad undertaking a study tour planned to give him more training, sight of international art collections to be studied, and the opportunity to prepare drawings in the field. Other pieces are probably later and of more local scenes around Montrose and more widely in Scotland.

  • M1988.123-185: Album containing working drawings for etchings
  • M1988.690-747: Album containing working drawings for etchings
  • M1988.748-804: Album containing working drawings for etchings
  • M1988.805-865: Album containing working drawings for etchings
  • M1988.234-302: Album containing pencil drawings WL1-69
  • M1988.190-348: Album containing pencil drawings WL70-138
  • M1988.349-416: Album containing pencil drawings WL139-207
  • M1988.417-485: Album containing pencil drawings WL208-276
  • M1988.489-553: Album containing pencil drawings WL277-345
  • M1988.554-621: Album containing pencil drawings WL346-414